Queen Defender of the faith: Entrapment

Sunday, December 2, 2007



Lured by the wild side at a very young Age
A soul survivor who they couldn't manage to cage
Trying to rob me of my innocense and make me slave
Escaping the treachery of digging my own grave
A government cellblock their own little hell
A criminal mastermind they could never for tell
Running for my life barely in survival
Now all I am left with is nightmares so tribal
The system is a sick little game
And to expose them would only result in much fame
A record from the moment I was born
Everywhere I go it's like they all scorn
A legendary outlaw from day number one
Does this democray even realize what they have done
At the young age of 24, no experience at hand
Knowledge that this is evil they try to command
Society is convinced of what they say to be true
What has this world come to when your mother doesn't believe in you
A product of her own enviroment
Coping the way she can manage to be content
Political figures and religious freaks
Covering up the disposed chemicals in our creeks
An enormous cauldron, all projects we are
A rebellious town, so experiment on us afar
Allow innocent victims to fall into the maze
No one will notice themselves in a daze
A plague that has spread all over the town
They blame it on the cocaine and down
Battle of the soldiers enslaved by an illness
No body matters to the industry, wrecking lives is there business
Well fighting won't help, but my royalties should be paid
Inside a slavery of the drug market trade!!!

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