Queen Defender of the faith: A Special Report

Friday, December 14, 2007

A Special Report

First in the news today, a band of irate criminals converged
on the local RCMP demanding marshall law!

This reporter overheard the Surrey RCMP Taskforce raid a local crack shack just recently. She was absolutely disgusted at their lack of accord and the manner in which they handled themselves. But how can you expect 20 males in early their twenties to act, who are packing chainsaws, guns, pepper spray, and those god forbidden tasers, for there very first time, all RCMP fully admitted to the one of the degenerates that they had only been officially working with our Surrey Taskforce a whole time of 4 days, with no prior experience, except that of a street level gangster. Because the fresh brand new task force who was on hire, and had the experience of a kindergarten cop were playing this months local heros, they almost managed to harm a seventeen year old highschool student (you know the end of the world must be coming soon when Arnold Swatzeneiger is Senator and Oprah Winfrey is doing campaigning for the
democrats). One of the degenerates said because the inexperienced police officers had no idea what undercover actually consisted of, she was able to remove herself and the seventeen year old female resident, out of harms way. Just in the nick of time too.
Eventhough the taskforce was fully equipped with weapons and manpower against 3 unarmed females, just to play it on the safe side they threw a flash bomb into the kitchen of the one of the bachelor suites, located above GUS's Shop on King George highway. And if that wasn't bad enough of a joke, being tipped off by Lena a local native striptard/low end crackpusher they had to get her to come in and get and physically point out where the guns and ammuenission were. The reporter who was there at the time of the raid said it was a display of corrupt detective work that really allows you to see where all our tax money is really going too. When a street bum can cash in on the expense of an unsuspecting friend, who was most likely setup while they were visiting a friend and not home, who happened to be found a block away returning to their east whalley home, I guess that's what our society views as justice. Crime Stoppers Constable John Cook, was no where to be found during this ill mannered kangaroo court but his female partner was able to make an appearance after all the females at the location had already been detained and searched by the male officers. May I remind you that this is illegal. No worries though, the two young females who were found in the hallway didn't mind getting frisked by the baywatch type officers espeicially when they got released with no charges.

The 24 year old reporter quoted "Well I guess it was fortunate that I was on the scene
though because I was able to preview how they come up with there stories on CSI. I also managed to save a young girl known to me as Dawn from being injured. Although there was no harm done I was in shock after realizing the RCMP had a better looking staff of pigs then the gangsters that have thug passion on the streets. It makes me wonder what happened to all the smart heart throbs that were outlaws back in the day. Whem I was seventeen I don't think I would have realized instead of being slapped in the face by a 35 year old officer for retaining information that in my future I would be getting hit on and slapped on the ass by some local comic book action heroes."(CHOKE, CHOKE) The RCMP told me I should apply to be the to town sheriff, and said I had the credentials of a doctor because I complained when they decided to book and fingerprint one of the females before calling the ambulance tp take her to the hospital."

An unsuspecting criminal who only called in to reap the benefits on dropping a tip to our local Crime Stoppers call center in order to cash in on the 2000.00 reward that would lead MVP Jay Harris in jail and a mercury poisoned roomate, known to the RCMP as Trish Trash. Thanks to
an undercover reporter who happened to be spying on the police no one was harmed in the making of this sick injustice of a dramatized way for the police to make themselves look like heros and stage an attempt to get some of the guns off the streets so the media could publically
inform us of how they have a handle on the "gang war" issues at hand.
But what the media failed to tell everyone about that a couple of weeks prior to the arrests of these fairly young criminals all was fair in shooting one another when a group of armed bandits were seen firing there weapons outside of the Guildford Boston Pizza. As long as the shots
were aimed at each other. The safety for innocent by standards wasn't an issue then while the police had their hands full with donuts and coffee probably discussing the details of that evenings foot ball game. This reporter sincerely hopes that no
children overheard such language.

In late-breaking news,another 22 year old man named Bobby Gratton was reported on
being involved with a second degree murder in or around the Harrison Hot Spring district.
Unfortunately, the suspected man wasn't given any props on his ability to taser individuals without giving them life threatening injuries. I find this to be quite impressive seeing that in the past year the RCMP has attempted to do the same but instead have manged to kill at least 5 people in the meantime. Where is the justice in that? Thank God for Bobby the police don't get a say in the court rooms. He should probably argue the fact that he may have been framed and should have suspected his co-accused was not an actual soldier but that some
times pussy messes with any good man's head.
Now I guess his prominent future lyes in the hand of his lawyer. One would
hope it is not Dave Gable.

In further news, on-line users of the hyped up famous site called facebook are throwing K8T's 22 party on Friday, December 15. And by doing that they managed to give back to the public and a privatiely owned night club by hosting free advertising for them. The young lady who is responsible for organizing such a big bash should be proud that her efforts have reached over a 1000 people of which at least 120 and are reportigly going to attend.
Happy Birthday Katie this is Kyna's way of giving you a gift seeing as how certain circumstances leading up to the current events have disabled me from being a barstar. I hope it is as fun as I know it will be.
Thanks for inviting me and I hope they let me in without ID.
This has been a rollen stolen production by KYNA aka MnM Candy.
Reporting a holer to all her peeps, shouting out BACK UP BITCH...I DON'T FUCK THE POLE. (BUT I LOVE DANCING AROUND IT!!!)

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