Queen Defender of the faith: To all you haters

Thursday, May 1, 2008

To all you haters

For those..haters
Those dirty looks
The jealous stares
The funny part is
You think i care
I'll keep it real & thats a promise
I maybe a bitch but at least I'm honest
I'd rather be a bitch
Then a hoe
Im known for what i do
Not for who i screw
Some say im a bitch
Yeah i might be
But i don't remember asking
Any of u hoes to like me
When i walk by,haters stare
Keep looking cause i don't care
I got my own life & my own style
Im not trying to please you or make u smile
You hoes wanna hate
Knock yourselves out.
But remember,
My name isnt Dick
So keep it outta ur mouth

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