Queen Defender of the faith

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I' am so angry now, eventhough I should be hurt.

Sometimes you get no respect when you wear a skirt.

Persuasion lingers to make it's way.
Living life until the next payday.

Hommies hating on what they see.
Fronting on my playground, Judging ME.

Trying to be LOYAL to the cause.
Please hit fast forward because my life
is stuck on pause.

You Got these Players who think they know best. Pushing my morals, and putting them to the TEST.

Corruptions stirs around my Team.
Clueless of their actions, asking me not to Scream.

Realizing I have no reason to play the role.
Leaving them suckers behind me inside this whole.

Rising above it all.
No one has to watch me Fall,
because I'll hold my head up and stand tall.

When you see me I'll be having a BALL!

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