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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Esther is a folks

   Queen Vashti Deposed
(Queen[V] Has It Exposed)
This   is   what   happened   during   the    time
1     of        Xerxes       who      ruled         over
            [the Xx(seer)]
127 provinces stretching from INDIA to CUSH
                                             [In Aid 2 See Us]
2 At that time King   Xerxes   reigned from his
                           [the Xx(seer)]
   Royal Throne in the CITADEL of SUSA
           [Not Her]        [Dialect]of[Us As]
3 And in the Third Year of his reign he gave a
   banquet for all his nobles and officials. The
   military leaders of PERSIA and MEDIA
                                ASPIRE      AID ME
   The Princes, the Officials, and the Nobles of
   The provinces were PRESENT.

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