Queen Defender of the faith: A Far Away Land

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Far Away Land

A Far Away Land

Think of me when you are all alone, with no distractions
and no telephone

when you are dreaming your dreams that take you
far away from home

where you are safe and no harm can come to you,
think of me

Think of me in the mourning,when you first start
to rise

look into the mirror and look deep into your

envision my eyes looking back at you and into
your very soul

I will stay in your thoughts all day long, think
of me

Think of me and take my hand

and imagine you're going to a far away land

a land where your heart can never be broken

a land where love need never be spoken

I'll be waiting there for you with my arms open

just waiting for you to let me inside

You can open your heart and have no fears

for you see, in this place there exist no tears

No tears, no fears, no worries of any kind

This land has only the purest love, that you
will ever hope to find

You need not put any guards up around your heart

for couples who meet here, they know they will
never part
and this is the place where it all has to start

You see, I've been there before, but only by myself

it's not an easy place to find for somebody else

It takes much understanding and a great imagination

and the trip is priceless if you reach it's destination

What you learn here is unselfish love

the kind that is taught only from God up above

it's been locked away deep, it's gentle and kind

and in this place it's released with the power
of the mind

This is my place and I'm inviting you there

to forget all your troubles and to forget all
your cares

I'll take your hand in mine and I'll walk you

I promise, in this place, no harm can ever come
to you

Because I frequent this land and I've learned
all of it's values

it's pure and it's true and it can't be misused

There are certain rules that you must never forget

and it's very important for this place to exist

This is only an imaginary land, where our minds
are interconnected

where our dreams become real and love is perfected

The same as it is when you dream on your own

only this time you will know that you are not

Think of me darling and gently hold my hand

as we walk side by side in my far away land

We can both fall in love here and the love will
exist just as we believe

with anticipation being the key, what you anticipate
here, you will receive

We will automatically know our hearts every desire

and everything we do will set our hearts on fire

For hours and hours we'll experience ultimate

so unbelievable I tell you, it will paralyze

Don't take me wrong, I say this not in a sexual

it's the sensitive touches, that's what I'm trying
to say

We are extraordinary when it comes to sensitivity
you see

and pleasing each other is always our foremost

Appreciation is also a powerful key, in this little
land of make believe

I will appreciate you and you will appreciate

You will be my queen and I will be you king

and together we will achieve the finest things

You must use the power of your mind and imagine
it all

For only then will this empire of love stand
alone and certainly never fall

As we look into each other's eyes and see the
love that we each possess for one another

everything will be understood and we will know
that it is a love that is like no other

I will carefully teach you what you must do,
if you want a love that is pure and true

To live the ultimate life that we all dream to
live, we must humble ourselves and learn how to give

Come along with me and hold my hand as I walk
you through my far away land

I will carry you in my arms and hold you tight
and love you tenderly all through the night

Here it is safe for us both to fall in love again,
where our love can grow from deep within

There are no games, no tricks, no hidden schemes,
Here, love is built on hopes and dreams

You must search deep within your own heart for
the love that you desire

and with your mind and your soul you will have
the power to transpire

a make believe land that I told you did not exist
in the start

but I will tell you now, it does exist and it
is very real within my heart

So think of me when you're there at home, feeling
down and all alone

and always remember that I am at your side waiting
patiently for you to decide

is life worth living? is love worth giving? I
say yes but you must take a chance

only then will you find a true romance

Within my heart is a far away land where love
is honest, open and grand

if I've invited you there, that means I care,
so take my hand without despair

the only difficult thing that I can see, will
be convincing me that you believe

but that's so much easier than may know, all
you have to do is tell me so

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