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Thursday, September 1, 2011



The name Hiram Abiff signifies in Hebrew "the teacher (Guru, or enlightened one) from the Father": a fact which may help you still further to recognize the concealed purpose of the teaching. Under the name of Hiram, then, and beneath a veil of allegory, we see an allusion to another Master; and it is the Master, the Elder Brother who is alluded to in our lectures, whose "charecter we perserve, whether absent or present," i.e., whether He is present in our minds or no, an in regard to whom we "adopt the excellent principle, silence," lest at any time there should be among us trained in some other than the Christian Faith, and to whom on that account the mention of the Cristian Master's name might possibly prove an offence or provoke contention.

Also, false and slavish political theories end in brutalizing the State. For example, adopt the theory that offices and employments in it are to be given as rewards for services rendered to party, and they soon become prey and spoil of faction, the booty of the victory of faction;-- and leprosy is in the flesh of the State.

The difficulty is that we ever erect our notions of what is right and just into the law of justice; and insist that God shall adopt that as His law; instead of striving to learn by observation and reflection what His law is, and then beleiving that law to be consistent with His infinite justice, whether it corresponds with our limited notion, of justice, or does not so correspond.

The earliest instructors of mankind not only adopted the lessons of Nature, but as far as possible adhered to her method of imparting them.

And if we, of the nineteenth century after Christ, adopt the conceptions of the ninteenth century before Him; if our conceptions of God are those of the ignorant, narrow-minded, and vindictitive Isrealite; then we think worse of God, and have a lower, meaner, and more limited view of His nature, than the faculties which He has bestowed are capable of grasping.

The Sybola Architectonica are found on the most ancient edifices; and these mathmetical figures and instruments, adopted by the Templars, and identical with those of the gnostic seals and and abraxaw, connect their dogma with the Chaldaic, Syriac , and Egyptian Oriental philosophy.

Clemens, the learned Bishop of Alexandria, and Philo, adopt all these explanations.

So the Cherubim, according to Clemens and Philo, represented the two hemispheres their wings, the rapid course of the firmament, and of time which revolves in the Zodiac. "For the Heavens fly;" says Philo, speaking of the wings of the Cherubim: which were winged representations of the Lion, the Bull, the Eagle, and the Man; of two which, the human-headed, winged bulls and lions, so many have been found at Nimroud;adopted as beneficient symbols, when the Sun entered Taurus at the Vernal Equinox and Leo at the Summer Solstice,: and when, also, he entered Scorpio, for which, on account of its magnificent influences, Aquilla the eagle was substituted, at the autumnal equinox; and Aquarius (thewater-bearer) at the Winter Solstice.

It draws no sword to compel others to adopt its belief, or to be happy with its hopes.

Did the Mason's of the eighteenth century know why the letter G was adopted as a Masonic symbol? Are Masonic students of the present day agreed upon the subject? What is said about it in Mackey's Encyclopedia?

What symbol did the Kabbalists adopt for the name of Deity?

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