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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

automatic writing

Automatic Writing                            Part 1
Book used for Automatic Writing “Nostradamus”, Mario Reading.
So therefore my inkling is that I could have been communicating with “Nostradamus” or the author.

The complete prophesies
In my first run-through
30 January 1649
Your next question might be:
Once again not so
(please note the analogous index date)
(“The London Parliament will put their King to death”)
This is a truly extraordinary quatrain
Which stipulates that a monarch owes his rule directly to the will of God
Hearsay has it that a communal moan went up as the anonymous headman’s axe cleared through the Royal Vertebrae
The movers and the shakers
The King and Queen
But in real danger of being left out of history altogether
Even conducted underground orgies
Euphonically, the word trixe also has phallic connotations
During it’s investigations into witchcraft
Nostradamus’s index date 71 then takes us directly to trials in France
And also to his sense of humor
Can mean a porcupine – also, of course, a fish, in the sense of an Herrison de Mer
For example us, “the Egyptian porcupine who wants to be sharpened”
The “waterspout” in line one is another magnificent stroke
I think you’ll agree that these quatrains hold up in every respect
The song in its original form
The poet in question
For they illustrate, between them,
The seer’s own index dates
To be entirely random one
From a 700-year potential strike pool than a 7 year one
No mentions
1480, 1580, 1680, 1780, 1880, 1980, or 2080
No mentions
For 7 has long been considered a Holy number
Seven Candlesticks
The five Kings of the Chinese
No accurate date has seemed to fit the bill
Or those who like the Mayan Masters of Time
Continuing with Spiral Analogy
(at the- shall we call it? – turn of the spiral)
Thanks to the runaway success of these two experiments.
Succeeded in recreating the BIBLE word for word if the rattle away long enough
This technique takes into account the crucial importance
In so cases (I Believe in God – He makes sense)
I beg for forgiveness of my readers
Without recourse to Euphonic translation and acceptance of Nostradamus’s
The key to Nostradamus
The act of translating opens the commentator’s mind
Commentaries, which follow you extraordinary breadth of historical references
So little is known about Nostradamus’s life
Note that does not purport to be exact truth
And established facts into some sort of sensible (if inevitably fallible) order
The Medieval France – Profonde
Surrounds by a ripple effect
Of the total population 98 percent were deemed to be catholic
Have grown up with a quasi speaking  atavistic mistrust of both Royal Government and it’s motivations
Most prominent Jews
Suddenly rife with religious intolerance and paranoia
Encapsulated Jewish search for new wisdom
The secretive and mystical and the much needed Kabbalist, an alchemist
He later enrolled
In the Medieval Manner
Different colored powders
2 children, “Physical, Heal thyself”
Prophesy and Second Sight
Nostradamus followed up
That of Nostradamus was a sensation
And ensured him an uninterrupted income stream from enthusiastic clients for the vest of his life
For instant gratification
Philosophical Foundation
But later proved by Isaac Coubon
Considerable protection from Inquisitorial Inquiry
This High Magic occurred as the result of the accident
Was either intended or preprogrammed
With each step in the divinatory
Such apparent self-glorification
Anti clerical, in the sense that of its adherents believed
Then to a further consultations
Investigated the ten year old child
Must had been very well paid for his troubles
Out of a few well-known prophetic techniques
Wrote a number of highly personal and detailed quatrains
They take with them a suitable image of the man who –
For my readers
He would stoop
Over a bowl of ink stained water
In line four
Nostradamus probably adapted his technique from that expounded by the 4th century Syrian Neo Platonist
The use of “bronze” in line two
And may well have influenced his choice of bronze settle
Nostradamus explains his technique
Come from the same root
Which corresponds to the Sanskrit word Mah
The word of God will give to substance
Is in fact a chemical mystical occurrence triggered through the placing of the
tree of knowledge
The sacred marriage of Spirit and Matera was to form the basis of Nostradamus’s divinatory powers.

Automatic Writing                            Part 2
Nostradamus mentions may be taken both literally
Jesus Christ commanded men and women to “love another”
Accurate quatrain depicting the complicating triangle
As his father was so obsessed with making him a soldier
(he was a close friend of Voltaire)
And so long as those practicing are honest and wish to populate out country
As commander in Chief
Of the continental army
The image that Nostradamus portrays of Washington “seated on the stone square”
If it were a scepter, he has merited it
This is an entirely successful quatrain
Considered void in the absence of his father’s royal consent
They eventually passed to his niece
Be the second Anti Christ
On the Jews and their lies
“Jews as ordinary human beings”
Prince Regent was forced to accept his father’s stipulations
Princess Victoria
A example of Hebrew Gem atria
The “revealed” proclaimed the following
Because of his stark
If there was one
Both metaphorically and index date accurate
Not an eponymous King he certainly made
Self proclaimed
France’s marginally less dictatorial predecessor
(“The Great Prophet”)
Intended future wife
Is not going to be maintained
The effect will be calamitous
Hope to continue on as King of England
When his superiors forced him to commit suicide
There followed a Hero’s burial
Catastrophic year of the Second World War
Paraded inside a cage of iron
Was born on a tributary
One takes the river symbolism even further
The line is particularly a haunting one
(“the German Child sees nothing”)
A collection of disperate pieces
The “two spurious ones”
Meaning that he will be up for reelection
And which was to prove his launching PAD to higher office
Murder Massacres and Machination
As one of its many origins
The index date
For Allegedly
Is right on the money
In particular (a connection we afforded via the Old French expression “les seulsmeaning those who live a celibate life)
Those accused of passing on plague infections
Certainly know that both Toulouse and Claremont suffered a plague
We certainly know that now seriously now seriously a plague promulgation was viewed
“Put to the Axe”
Holy Roman Emperor
A manure heap and survived
Both events here, and highlights the obvious parallel
stronghold turned into a prison”
He opined that God had permitted his own execution
Life and Death over the course of the next 12 years
Must surely convince even dyed wool skeptics
Which culminated with the “Battle of Lens”
It must be remembered
Wine and Myrrh
“Taking over the realm”
Some speculation that he was killed by one of his own side
Required a male heir
His untimely death
Of historical hindsight
And the first to lie in state
To heel, via Operation Hummingbird
After refusing to take his own life
Represents the approximate number of Jews killed during the of  World War 2
Is the Night of Long Lives
His undertaking to maintain ultra-secret
Were “seven colonels
Terrible Tribesman took revenge on every member
Forced to flee across the border
(“from on high”)
His innocence in court
Takes on a new dimension
On the religions up heavels
Following in his death
The number of a “million” would have an indeterminate, but significant number
Those who choose to live differently from the Norm
Its serial mistranslation led to a certain amount of panic
And mirror reversal
Giving us 666
Allowed his mother
To unleash merry hell
Like wildfire throughout the provinces
And massacre occurred
That was not done in Hot Blood
Is a nice consent for a people
Many of the “Pirates” were forcibly converted
(“Christian Kingdoms of the world are united”)
To the catastrophic Ottoman defeat
Before dying in no doubt well contented retirement
(Selin means “crescent moon”, the symbol of the Ottoman Empire)
And which is named in his honor
Quatrain with “livre
And the infamous gunpowder plot may be taken symbolically
The “young whore”
Taken euphonically, giving
“Two Royals”
Their entourage post traumatic inanition following an attack
A wonderfully prescient quatrain
Parma” has a checkered history date and detail perfect
The same year in which the great humanitarian
Panic stricken decision to suspend parliament and give himself dictatorial powers
Annexed by – or merged with-
(See index date)
The real riots probably started on the 6 of May
(being the time when the violent fighting began)
In the term of planetary aspects
An excellent quatrain, then, astrologically sound
To listen to the people’s voice
An advanced industrialized Country
In the form of galleys and galleasses
The main bulk of the Ottoman fleet
Victories via divine intervention
Seem a straightforward quatrain
Granting of Royal Charter
For the 258 years
The empire which upon the sun never set, would be shining on one of
the Punished Hearts”
So we are left with an
Index number of 9
During the course of what was to be designed Nothing
The “seven children” mentioned in line two
Based on her heraldic emblem
Strictures of Salic Law
Thanks to the line descent
Would end up dominating the world for 300 years
On the other hand
Asking his readers to concentrate
What was to become of his military career
And ensuring the continuation through the use of enlightened feint
(“The one ready to fight will defect”)
Detailing events
Together with serpentine course
Impoverished parents
Proving instrumental drafting
Later to become the intellectual progenitor
The last lines are self-evident
English have contrived
Index date 98 takes us straight
With the French Army Ashore
But even these were late captured
Leading a total reversal of the Mediterranean status quo
Despite the occupation hazard of yet another wounding
Was on of few initial escapees subsequently captured
With his emphasis on having rise from “high” to “low”
May be taken as very much tongue in cheek
Philosophically speaking
A sharpshooter during the battle
For all English Speakers in line 4
But that is unlikely, given the customs prevailing
“Opening of monuments”
Interestingly, after the end of war
This was a logical procedure
The sequence began with these changes had a profound effect on the future
Latin America
He returned with the news that Allah had declared the word “shadows”
Egyptian Lieutenant
Specifically meant to “seal” in this manner
And “black” in text-“white charcoal” exists too
As a result of the smothering powder
Non-violent civil disobedience
Depicting the early career of
the newly arrived saint”
Democratically driven in consequence
You will come to great treasury
As opposed to objects merely connected with them
Which was buried with its owner
Due to Symbolic Importance
To this end pathfinders were sent ahead to mark its precincts
Which finally restored the PEACE
Political detainees were transferred from Camp X-ray
Even more “exiles” were transferred there
Embarrassed by the publicity over it’s treatment of internees
It is reasonable to suppose that prisoner and it’s embattled leaders
His own people will rise against him
But it will be too late to change the outcome of the attack
In use of the “Flying Fire” and “Burning Sky” analogies had indeed come completely “corrupt”
Killed for disloyalty
“45 degrees” have been construed as the “Great New City”
Which was common Euphemism for an unconsciously long time
The initial campaign was declared (an on going process that had certainly not ended at the time of writing)
Is self evident to anyone who has seen footage n the conflict
There is a remarkable correlation to control the outbreak
Scaling up its port and isolating during the period of nearly 300 years
To commemorate the event
Especially when twined with the glaring clue
Could not be compared with this one
All roads were strewn with people their bodies were eaten by wolves, foxes, and other beasts
The “Blood of the upright” may be taken later sardonically to the Nobility
With total accuracy by multiplying
(burned divine fires + three sixes)
666 and to cap it all, the second line may also read, if taken in euphonic way
Only six people did die in the fire
Coincidence links the myth of  “Arethusa”
Use of the term cite neufe (the “New City”)
Between the two also merit attention
Given the limitations of the period
Here he represents a terrifying PICTURE
There will be in any long-term affects
Description that could have been taken directly from television
Inevitably poison relations
Triggered by the use of artificial replacements for cash
As well as abduction
The crash will mirror the collapse of spiritual values throughout the world
“Global Exhaustion”
Causing them to transform into animals
Read on and decide for yourselves
The symbols of the “tree” and “sword” then take on quite different connotations
As the progenitor of the Authorized Version
Just as it would have been done from the ultra-catholic Nostradamus
Nostradamus is talking about a devin. Here, which in Old French means a diviner or conjuror
Fear that a valued gift r other sign of grace may be withdrawn
Even if the gift of prophesy is not withdrawn specifically from him
And who acted as a God Father
Who wrote his famous memoires
These connections make of this post humans influence extended far into the future
And the may not be seen by the human eye
Which they do using the words “Holy, holy, holy”
And following the musical link
Who at lest according to his own contemporaries
Is a rather beautiful one
In the making of his musical instruments
Still survive in playable condition to this day
Of ancient Hungarian origin famously, “a monk”
And the “fomenter of a powerful sound”
Many puns here
Given the index date of 26
And forced as a consequence
Posited that species originated through evolutionary change
Triggered by his researchers
Sums up the epoch changing man
To a person of Nostradamus’s generation
Whose fascists used the fasces as their main symbol
In order to showcase their theories as a “switch”
To beat them with is a memorable one
With no technical rights to the throne
In his absence or in event of his premature death
She dominated him during his reign
The episode of the “so called casket letters”
Exonerated at the formal enquiry
And could be read in two ways
One might be tempted to ascribe
The “Perfecteur” also gives us pause for thought
And there is no such French word, and the Latin word, Praefectus, implies one person set over another
For further salacious revelations
“Innumerable lovers” this modern version receiving a large state of pension contrived to turn around at the very last moment
Her warders being most insistent
Traditional liturgical color
Symbolizing martyrdom
Which has far longer then the usual crossing and the saving of his life thanks to physical intercession
The daughter of the Chief
To be safely accompanied back to the colony, by whom she had a son
After the notorious “purple clothed incident”
It is believed that during her reign, her father ruled in all but name
Renowned for her exquisite taste in garden ornamentation and design
She was called the Girl-King by her future subjects
As a catholic Queen would have been an impossibility in Lutheran
She is mobbed by birds of another locality
Particularly given the ambiguity of the text
Succeeded to a crown in which both male (day) and female (night) were equally balanced
“Salic Law” was codified during the reign
A woman comes to the throne who should not – and would not
were Salic Law in force
Downfall arguably paved the way for eventual rejection of totalitarianism
Mercury, Mars, and Venus are three of the five planets
Intensifies this reading, taking the sex aversion even further
Retrograding around these days surrounding the death
Meaning “well known” mean “a pledge” means “deceit”
Buried on an island
(with usual variations, depending on self- interest)
To make one vessel unto honor and another unto dishonor
All that remain in the memorial
Both sexes will be captured
The third Anti-Christ
The equivalent of the seductive power of his language or deceived by charm
With it’s hints of hidden depths and secret manipulation
Unless a miracle occur
A significant influence for good
On the world stage use
The expression “Ancient Urn”
Is now telling us that the human period in world affairs is coming to an end
Nature will fill the vacuum
Selective Bibliography

By Kyna Michelle Gaboriault

October 26, 2011                                                                           

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