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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


November 16, 2011 - 2:30 a.m


Thou Voice of the Silence,

Glyph of Hoor-paar-kraat:

The Dwarf-Self, the Hidden God.

Gateway to the Aeon of Maat!

I evoke Thee! I evoke Thee!

With the mantra Talam-Malat,


Talam-Malat ...

Dear Initiates,

I am delighted to present to you my trans-mission of inaugural linguistic science. Given the opportunity, I would make an attempt and contribution to this Order of Templis. At this point in time, relatively speaking my inner self is completely unaware of what communications shall prevail once this script has been correlated.

I invoke the a natural rhythm. Some necessary abilities a candidate for this preposition must have include exceptional communication and leadership skills, which allow for better spiritual communions. Through many of the automatic writing I have formulated recently, these skills have developed and thrived. Operating a sentient activity and randomly assimilating a transcript from some higher being both require concetration and elevation of an omnipotent desire, as do the various spiritual experiences I am involved with. My dedication to succeeding in doctoring/editing the Book of Law effectively to produce results, that at least manifest an elevated presence other than myself I hope to attain. My experience and knowledge of the books I regret to say are very slim. However Noah didn’t build the ark in one day?! Did he?!

I appreciate the time you take to review my works and look forward to future discussions concerning this alteration of sacred texts. I can be reached at kynagaboriault@gmail.com or exellelibris@gmail.com. Once again, I thank you for your omnipotence.


Queen Defender of the Faith

Automatic Writing: Phraseology

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Mastering spiritual enlightenment is a skill one can only expand. However I have discovered that Spiritual attainment is far less complicated. I enter a transient state and allow my fingers to do the rest. So this contextual material is my convocation of what one’s mind must allow for in order to covey and master a spiritual thesis. These are just words being correlated to you by my inner soul and outer channel. Therefor perhaps the reader (AS I N U=T) may not take anything this voice has to say literally. Despite literal terms I hope to still portray a meaningful statement. I would also like communicate to the reader that my higher self would prefer that one may be obliged to take certain descriptions of words that I have correlated like spiritual; and perhaps realize that religious if better suited to your preference in terms was wHOLLY meant to my original meaning or iterated translation.

There truly is no end to where I begin but here we go and now and then I shall start (or commence).

The principle meaning for this is that every statement is true and untrue.
One simple concrete example, Love is the law, and Love is Change.
Writing a separate interpretation suited for... intelligence of each reader to get just what he needs...
Applicable to the present remarks, a manner that one almost wonders, familiar to readers of the Gospels, to notice how his original Point of View, Probably the best way is to assume that it is written for the more advanced mystic.
For the commentator, which the novice is not expected to see, He will have to shew mysteries.The commentator aforesaid was apparently content of judgment and its Word is Do what thou wilt.

Love is the law, love under will.

Satisfy than this Motion, you may become possessed, wasting of energy. A species of parenthesis …..
Well that’s that it doesnt take a genius to realize when I have lost contact with the ancients...well it was nice practicing I guess I’ll go back and actually read what the document had say.

Sincerely Queen Defender of the Faith

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