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Monday, November 26, 2012


November 6, 2012

Theoretical behavior about an outside presence, manipulated and described by data corrupting people.

*Any context ever written has been modified.

The keystrokes of a computer echo through CMOS. Each shade of colors through the monitors gloss. Windows Operating System as the BOSS. Programs installed running in the background. Back Door Viruses trying to infect all around. Hearing the noises the speakers sound. Corrupted files unable to be found.

By Kyna Gaboriault


One step closer towards a Realistic Model for parallel computation.


The Bandwidth perimeter "G" makes the model much more realistic for long messages.
-Anyk Glussich (CIHI)

*Transient Spatial Interactions

OCTOBER 12, 2012

The endless search for answers
Automatic Writing

Close in importance, our lives can be cut and dried by statiticians
The prophecies of NOSTRADAMUS
The greatest similarity his calling
Realized that the FIND might be worthy
Evolutionary THEORY, cause and effect
Unearthly FATES are as strange as events themselves
Who have seen or heard what they coulD only DEFINE to be spatial presence
The modern age against the succession of this object of the unexplained
In the realm of the unexplained, just read an Egyptian manuscript, instead "THE VISITATION OF GOD" was finally persuaded by COURT
Believe the MAGICK is massive and able
Something massive an unexpected creature
Believing al candidates must be equally prepared
They showed no sign of in visioning
On the appointed day, a dramatic reversal
Symptoms may also be present in person diagnosed, and are precisely the phenomena that has not merely fallen into place by virtue of the mystery we call coincidence, through past mortem examination an extra ordinary case of amnesia, when we hear of expectations able to reconcile, greatly claimed

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