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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Love Market

Casanova used lemons as contraceptives. 

Note for the future reference the effect of weird sexual facts on audience engagement. The liberalization of sexual values during the twentieth century is an economic story. This new "technology" along with changes in education and equality has completely transformed the sexual landscape. Premarital sex is strongly tied to family income. A successful marriage is one of the mot important things in life. This is the story of Jane who, Jane chose another path. Their promiscuity was not the result of a lack of moral fortitude. What are those economic forces? And so the answer to "Should I sleep with him tonight?" Was fated. AlwAys on the prowl for the perfect. "Would you be to pay 300 $ every three months to have drugs injected into your balls?" This could be a winning strategy. Condom use appears to go back three thousand years.  Diaphragms became available in 1882. Giving her the option of sex with a condom has reduced the cost of premarital sex by 20000$. In fact, statistically speaking 45% of sexually active woman will become pregnant. These specific costs that I am talking about don't include the daily wearable and tear that raising children alone imposes on a woman; imagine a buyer on the sex market who has the option.of buying unprotected sex from two different sellers. Buyers on the sex market should remember the old adage you get what you pay for. This steady rise in university enrolment has had som sequences for those who are not able to take that step. Of course, tuition is not the only reason why some students can reasonably expect never to go to college. One of the reasons women have abstained from sex in the past was fear that having a sexual history would send a bad signal to any potential husband.  We have just assumed that there are some benefits to promiscuity. The point is that while more sex makes people happier having more sexual partners does not.

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