Queen Defender of the faith: Holographic Projections

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Holographic Projections

Life is a file a hallucination inside the mind; outside of the mind we dream, when we are asleep, and when we awake, our minds think and process our day dreams; visions.
Men-tal project-ions is how we live. The answers to our questions are why we live. A simulation of tests, to increase our knowledge, our interior existence, inside our exterior frame. Voyage to set sail, for our guided path in our vessel, being our soul. Feeding our minds to survive inside and outside of the universe as one. Weaving an intricate web so we can catch our dreams, and weave out our nightmares, co existing. A dream inside a dream would inevitably be like subtracting two negatives, in order to gather the positive formula to mark our coarse.
{-1a + -2b }=1ab

Like rap is to par for a chorus/course. One for All and All for One. Ultimately we all set are own guidelines, or procedures, for the game of life. Can you see yourself in a mirror? Do you really want to see the real you in a mirror. It might not be what you expected, and would you be winning or loosing the battle you set your self out on. Most of us would presumeably be failing, because just like in a video game you never win the first time. So how many times would we have to die before we got it right. The question is not how long we would have to travel for time is only of the essence but how many times would we need to repeat it over. My assumption is inside the game of life repetition is not nessecary because death would come once our morales have been put intact or adventually expired.
So my theory on how to map our journey and see if we are going toward the right direction is to create a story map; a legend from the time you were born to the present date.
Make a horizantal grid for each year of your life, step by step, and vertically the age you were in that year, horizantally mark *achieved, accomplished, fell behind.

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