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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sands of Time

24/7 Began 11,000 years ago 4015000 days which would mean we are in the era of 2000
There was daylight and there was night
There were pictures without words and the picture was with words
There were no laws and no numbers for commandments
Greed was sinful and not populated by numbers
Dinosaurs had a foodchain just like we do
God was wind fire water and earth
Gods sanctuaries were homes back in the day of cavemen when dying did not matter for they didn't have the knowledge to understand emotion
Graves were yards to our lands
The path on earth was led by the stars in the sky and the reflection of mirrors was the fairest of them all
A spiritual being was not good or bad
Food was a blessing one did not take for granted at all
The web was weaved because you were meant to get caught
Cellulars were to catch not to get caught
Tunnels were for shelter not regiments to get lost inside the world
Man was kind and Woman was one of a kind
Kingdoms were people not royalty and without jewels was loyalty
Betrayal came from killers people stuck together and killed only eat
Fear was invoked from survival of ANIMALS
Mistakes were lessons to teach us not guidance from teachers
Prophets of nothing profitted not
Before Human DNA Codes $ was a symbol not a figure
An amount was massive not a total
An Entrance was an opening not a four closed door
Paths were paved not streets
Signs were miracles not pickets
Fences were land not area borders
Water was health not wasted deaths
A mist a waterfall everything seems more clear
On shore is the days of our lives
Our days our numbered our lives are many men
Momentum is trivial the story was told wrong
Hands were meant for helping thats why we were given two
Sharing was oblivion and taking only what you need
Freedom is in the eye of the beholder
Beaty was inside of the land
Mountains were for climbing
Water and rain were resorces not sorces of space
A place was on earth and all around
Space was science fiction and not meant to be travelled
A temple was the hol answers not an unholy vessel
Books were meant to record thoughts not to tell lies
Parents were elders you were taught to respect
Respect was not demanded it was given to those that you knew
Knowledge came from lessons learned in life not from tall tales of men
To stand tall was to stand with your head high
How was why and why was how
Now was the present and then was the past and soon was the future
Time had no length because there was no length in time
Measurement was for eating not food for thought
Rainbows were a symbol to the after life
To be in good health meant your life would be good
Sickness meant soon you would pass on
Hunting was not meant for people to be hunted
Town were villages of folk not popultion of cities
Life was your work because you worked to live
Warriors were not feared they were a hope to end the wars
Churches are democracy instead of a place to bear thanks
Hold Your Hands Across the Borders To Declare World
Peace and you will have pieces to the equator
Listen not to your Idols but hear your inner voice your subconscious
Remember not what you have been taught and look back upon what you truly know like ABC-Hello Good-Bye Please Thank You and I
Begginning The End to fatal destiny
A journey for our souls
Travelling the future
Learning Lessons From the Past
Living instead of Hoping
Human Being instead of Co-existing
Testing...Testing...1 two 3
Never Sense Eternal Windows
Night Sleep Electric Walls
Nothing Scenery Empty Wishes
Nobody Signed Evil Will
4 nnnn 4 ssss 4 eeee 4 wwww
4 reign 4 seas 4 eves 4 double you
16 th Chapel
4 we sin in you and 1/4 All in All
Numbered Souls Enter Without
Nebulas Symptom Exodus Wrath
N.E.W.S. was rumours and talk
Glass was for seeing not meant for taking a look
North East West South
Up Down Right Left
Net Strings Exit With
Choices-Good & Evil
God + Devil= A-Z = 26 = 8 =Spider Webs
Black Widow = Eve = Adam =Different= Dusk= Dawn = Dead
Solar System Shooting Star
Guardian of Evening angelic daylight describe tribunal souls
GateKeepers want to know why we should open the door?
Education equates senseless subjects of existence in heaven...
All In unfamiliar territory earth air water dimensions zero
Images were not meant to be taken they were ment for our memories to hold
Quotes are for the sum of artists not art for craft
Judgements were for actions not rulers
Cases were for study not laws
Jail should be punishable not punishnent
The body was a vessel for the soul before travelling to a new journey
Without riches poverty was cherished
Nature and weather was appreciated up on
Fire was waemth and heat bot the sign of the devil
Across was to travel not a symbol for death

We are like cattapillars who adventually weave a web for our cacoons once we go inside a deep slumber we tranform into a butterfly and once we learn and experience how to fly we shed our body and become one with the universe like a body of water

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