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Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Memo

To Whom It May Concern

…becoming charcoal.

Sodales are reminded of the interdiction upon Hermetic intervention in the Valley of the Sun. It will be recalled that during the Order’s last incursion into that area, involving the attempt by two of our Flambeau brethren to extract vis from the entity known as the Slayer, events did not transpire altogether to the House’s advantage, in that…

[ Editor’s Note: There are a number of lacunae at this point, and what remains is not entirely legible. It seems to involve the words “…small…blonde-haired…strength…wood…very sharp…difficulty in walking thereafter”. The text continues]

…and that the revered Primus of House Bonisagus, once he had stopped laughing, immediately banned any further interference in this region.

The ban is herein reiterated because of the reports which have recently circulated concerning the activities of an exotic Maga in the Valley of the Sun. It has come to the attention of the Primus that certain sodales, noting the use of elemental magic of considerable strength and alleged Infernal taint by this individual, have reached the conclusion that she and her companion owe allegiance to an overlooked line of House Díedne. This proposition has been reinforced through reference to the magic favoured by members of that House during the Schism War when, as the Order’s histories remind us, “their most powerful spells used upheavals in the earth”. Certain sodales have therefore expressed enthusiasm for the idea of expediting this particular difficulty in the manner dearest to the hearts of all in this House.

The response of the Primus to this proposition is five-fold.

The other Houses have expressed some scepticism as to Flambeau’s ability to expedite difficulties with quite the tact and finesse requisite to our reduced circumstances in these degenerate days. Much though it pains the Primus to admit it, they do have something of a point. It is conceivable, for example, that the House’s conduct of that regrettable business in Siberia in 1908 did err a little on the side of over-enthusiasm.

House Díedne did not have a monopoly on elemental magic, and evidence as to the exotic’s Ashen Gift is nugatory. Her powers seem for the most part to be an admixture of nature magic, spirit mastery, and technomancy. It is known to the Primus that many of this House regard the last-named as synonymous with diabolism anyway, but he strongly advises those sodales who still believe the World Wide Web to be an entrapment spell with an obscene amount of vis loaded into it to attend some of the Order’s excellent Internet For Dummies courses before leaping to any conclusions.

Reports indicate that the exotic Maga’s most extreme display of magical power was occasioned by grief at harm done by an Infernal entity to her companion. The Primus is of the opinion that, while it may be within the letter of the Code to punish an exotic who has behaved in this way, it is against the spirit of House Flambeau to stand in the way of a Maga, whatever her colours, who is looking for retribution on behalf of her sodalis. Brethren are reminded of the House maxim that revenge is a dish best served hot. And, for preference, well done.

Sodales inclined to go against these instructions should note that the Maga concerned seems to have deployed non-Hermetic equivalents to Wings of the Soaring Wind, The Mason’s Lament, The Incantation of Lightning, The Rain of Blades, The Curse of Eden, and The Demon Balked in quick succession. Certain sodales will undoubtedly view this as a challenge. Others, perhaps more prudent, will recall, in the words of a contemporary fabulist, that while that which does not kill us makes us stronger, that which does kill us makes us dead.

This leads neatly to the final consideration. The ban has the personal endorsement of the Primus. Any sodalis who objects is perfectly free to take it up with the Primus. The Primus, by the way, has just devised a new Perdo spell of the eighth magnitude involving all ten Forms. He is eager to meet and talk with any dissenters.

From the pen of [illegible], Revered Primus of House Flambeau, Year of Aquarius [illegible].

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