Queen Defender of the faith: The Templar

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Templar

The Templar: Cobros
Writen by: ImmortalDawn
Aetiological Myth for Latin

There is a rule that all Gods must follow, never intervene with Earthly matters.
This was a problem because the Earth was in a difficult time. Cities had corruption
running deep in their veins. Government officials were greedy and did whatever they
pleased. Most cities were in a state of anarchy while this unholy monarch, Tyrannus, sat
safely at his golden throne. Although many tried to put an end to his reign, Tyrannus
could not be stopped by normal means.

To keep his absolute power, Tyrannus formed a secret group of assassins named
the Templar to cause disorder and panic within the few remaining cities. Their leather
armor was dyed black so they could conceal themselves in the shadows. They were given
two daggers that were imbued with the most poisonous acid; one little cut could kill a
grown man in a matter of seconds. The Templar were men without souls, they were simply
shells. Ruthless and fearless the Templar did what ever Tyrannnus commanded without
hesitation. Even though they were rarely seen, the Templar’s ominous presence could be
felt by everyone.

Tyrannus had the Earth in an iron fist, but there was one city he could not
conquer. Primus, the king of the last city knew he could not let Tyrannus take over the
last stronghold. If he did all hope would be lost and evil would rule over Earth for
another one hundred years. Luckily, one of Primus’ spies had overheard the plans for the
final assault on the city. Primus prepared for the worst, but he did not expect Tyrannus
to send all of his Templar.

Primus prayed to the Gods to give him strength to overcome the attack. Even
though the Gods heard his prays, they knew they could not help him directly. When things
seemed grim, one of the Gods found a loop hole. They implanted the soul of Cobros into
one Tyrannus’s Templar. Cobros was a revered warrior that fought alongside Primus until
he was slain by Tyrannus himself. With Cobros’s help, Primus and his army might stand a

Cobros awakened inside the dark chambers of a Templar. He found his way to the
throne room and there he saw Tyrannus.

“What do you want Templar? Why aren’t you in your quarters?” Asked Tyrannus

“I’m here to stop your evil reign!” Shouted Cobros

“Wait… that voice. Who are you?” Asked Tyrannus

“You knew me as Cobros and tonight I will have my revenge.” Answered Cobros

“Even after death, you are still just as arrogant.” Said Tyrannus

And then all of a sudden Cobros leaped at Tyrannus with his twin daggers drawn.
His impulsive assault lead to his demise before just as it would now. Tyrannus grabbed
Cobros’s wrists and broke both his arms with a single twist. Cobros screamed in anguish
as Tyrannus hurled him to the floor.

“Guards, get rid of this Templar, he is useless to us now.” Said Tyrannus

The royal guards stormed in and took the battered Cobros outside. He was tossed
into a nearby cave and left to die.

“Gods, please... give me one more chance!” Shouted Cobros

“Your rash nature was once again your downfall.” Said the Gods

“I beg of you, just one more chance!” Pleaded Cobros

Moments later, he started to change. His broken arms fused to his sides and his
body became thin and slender. The Templar armor also merged with his body making his
skin rough. The poisonous daggers were still his weapons except now they were a part of
his jaw. Cobros found his new body quite bizarre, without arms or legs he wondered how
he could move. Surprisingly enough, Cobros’s new body was better than his former one.
He could move without sound, jump farther, and strike faster than ever.

Cobros slithered back into Tyrannus’s castle. It was almost effortless for him
to avoid any confrontations because of his slim physique. As he made his way into
Tyrannus’s personal quarters, Cobros found him sleeping with his guard completely down.
Cobros bit into Tyrannus’s neck and his venomous fangs did the rest. The next morning
the royal guards found Tyrannus dead with no signs of a killer.

Since Tyrannus was slain it was easy for Primus to rebuild the decrepit Earth.
New cities were formed and the world was a better place. Cobros was never seen again,
but some say claim he hides under rocks or in other dark places, patiently waiting for
his prey.

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