Queen Defender of the faith: Hhhh

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


For about 2years I have thought the Hells ANGeL Have been filming and that those Hells Angels have ties to the masons and even perhaps the illuminatti but and during that time I feel as though I have communicated with members of the knights of TEmPLAR. If I have been monitored it is my strong belief that they monitor me through a house alarm's system, itS quite generic one you see installed in an average home. It has the capability of monitoring the house hold with video surveillance. I am unsure why they or government related individuals would be particularly be intersted in tracking my everyday moves except for one of two reasons one My DNA is being monitored to collect DATA for egronomical study and or There are people that can live off the avails of reality and profit off of watching me to become richer.

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