Queen Defender of the faith: Shawn

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Baby, theres a gun in the glove compartment next to the pile of bills and the conviction notice 

Just like we wanted that dollhouse, that barbie dreamed of Baby theres a bank with our name (carved) on it 

Sometimes they had it coming just call it payback that we're taking what is rightfully ours 

Baby theres a bomb in that empty apartment 

Guess we should find a new hideout

Just like the last one that pile of bricks will never be looked over 

Baby theres some heat in the coalmine we wont go cold in this death cabin 

Just woods and the wilderness that lovely thing they call getting in touch with nature

Baby theres a shovel in the trunk space we cant leave our tracks all covered in blood

Just dont look into that lifeless face that sight will haunt you to the grave 

Baby theres a band-aid in the cabinet it looks worse than it hurts

Just dont forget me when im gone that wonderful guy that got you in this mess (of vowels) 

 from ShawN kIdd

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