Queen Defender of the faith: Contacting a Higher Power or Spirit through Automatic Writing

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Contacting a Higher Power or Spirit through Automatic Writing

note: let it be known I wrote this before looking at any of the sacred texts.

November 16, 2011 @ 1:55 p.m.
In Surrey British Columbia
Royal Crescent

Automatic Writing
Taken from Michael Wynn's Occult Reference Library "SEVEN"
November 16, 2011

Resembling levels of one's being, for example, the elements;

Truth and Knowledge at your availability, joining together.

Create a ball of light during the initiation, the literal meaning and number 7, that every obstacle will have to make attribution, exaltation (cabalistic sepiroth)

Immeasurable region that is pleasant drives an influx, or phases in the opposite side, are allotted upon his throne, the symbolical material world, which are in an image of the mystery.

The seven circles before the throne, operating in all things, who governs this planet. Beneath the base, life and death.

Allowed free access, a distribution. the ordinary value, selected for sacrifice, consumed the early diffusion.

The earliest mention, the earliest times, teutonic languages taken bodily get translated, the high antiquity, in "ordine vicis" incline to believe all limited to the one meaning, the very absence amongst us.

Take place simultaneously, in a natural delusion is especially referred, explains the tablet be you, represents the attribution, the uppermost point.

Existing, being under the ORB, the reflection, attributes countenance, the large star, thus represents this divine name, around it are the stars, counterchanged operation, receptacle of the other three natures.

The Name of 12 Letters...Icroprosopus, the symbolic representation into the kingdom. The Microprosopus was made desolate intersecting lifetimes together, occasionally folk magic, which to burn completely away, directing power at the end of a rite.

If you need a lot of power you will be able to assess away nightmares. Herbal infusions for happiness and prosperity beam of colored light.

Primary wavelengths of light to the human eye, the electromagnetic spectrum, leave tools within, a variation, a purpose where they were created. Substitute your own, replace the BOOK, taking heed, day and night, following only a single commanded order is very necessary to begin.

Executing from point to point convocations of thy guardian angel shalt place upon a certain sign experienced, advantageous terms.

Surnamed "the Quarreller", Should be prepared in the midst of a small alter, you shall prepare, the part exterior operation, in order that no embarrassment distract your attention.

Perform this ceremony of the convocation which the angel will have given you, been made further to give you principal points.

Seven days be passed before all things of the Holy Angel.

Propositions, secrets, spirits, symbols, anything we may wish, all doubtful sciences, visions perform all functions to cause armed men, orisons alone rising of the sun, from the setting manifested in part, orient alone. 

You require in remain pieces which GOD, grace, surety, should be also legitimate, it should have a clean spiritual force ascertaining of the tablet which correspond magical principles overlapping, used to invoke shining and glittering in nature, used in the enochian system, the wanderers, may be worked of attribution concerns which is referred with a soft vibrant light when meditating.

Her quiet action well summed up, and our founder signify that which was the vault, so what shape the days of creation?
Associate the mystic mountain, that ANSWER, what is the emblem, what is its meaning surmounted? Sacred resurrection, symbolizes words inscribed U.

The first order between the grades and portal symbolize planets.

Aspirant, made from the dismembered and conjoined angles, with for extremities, and his companions, even the same Aspirant most unfathomably, you are certain to be deceived.

All truth is relative, totality of the Female is also universal in another sense, answering purity of the moment.

Knowledge of the ANCIENTS in their system discovered chemical elements highest form of the will defines the orbit of the Star.

The discovery of the true will to learn the right to devote fulfillment of your true will.

Take advantage of curriculum. We may expect, who corresponds, in order to crate matter; when examined, trained to lay so great and string,as if it were but yesterday, in some rapid being man.

The steps at her feet, never stirring, and clad myself with a crown of vine.

In the ruined temple, peacefully entranced, judges at the end unto her mystical mountain, temple of the veiled one, both have become prophets, unbelievable admirers.

What is now known, which rundown from the mountains, a civilization, existed between principal and language as mysteriously as they appeared.

Over the Battlefields, the Devil industrially inferior, sing songs of sympathy, newly acquired of the heavenly bodies, for millennia, exist beyond "fixed stars"/

"Book of Entrance" of the steps is revealed the key of one GATE, describing totally unconscious, enduring unto the end special messengers of mere intellect.

Explained in the note: Principle Incarnation, is perfectly simple are the veils, her with drawn swords, where on she rideth seven streams of the BLOOD, seal upon the RING: Here Is Wisdom.

Genetrix-Meretrix--All the way Home!

Book of Lies...Get any Book...Refers to NUIT.

Since all things whatsoever could never be complete, entries under Saturn belong fro the moment to tabulate ramifications, Demonic Triads.

The 10 divisions (earth table) translation of Hells Jestic King.

A child, a young woman crowned hinderers, con creators, dispersing deceivers, the numberer emanations, the hidden light. The inner light.

Prefatory note by the editor.

Heptarchia Mystica, we hope the universe similarly obtained.
Describing hereafter, was placed upon the Holy Table not even the angels, by reading these obliquely, are given attributions. the symbolic representation, formed diagonal names will be found in the pentagram, central cross of the fathers, 24 elders.

The whole tablet specializing within general representation of the GOLDEN DAWN, not be regarded reliable source of information, reception can be found in mysteriorum, the method is described in dee.

Lord of the lightning fire.

Beaty and Harmony with stability is as follows most puissant word, whose analysis conceded in any case themselves corresponding it is a sacrament received by intermingled countenance to say the circle, the oath, manifests in the elements identical with what sense of the word, intrinsic virtue should regard the whole of the force.

Each of these ideas, elements of nature, composed of 10 different shades, being good defense, you will make up everything. There is no trace noticeable.

Astrological education with some confidence allow for my being, if it were guesswork, carefully remember method limits of a letter, much more fully.

Put half as much contract allowed appeal, when it is convenient, when laws are unjust... Dictatorial Powers and no state guards, indicate this cumulative progression, anything of the sort knowledge alters the effect of exciting, he will confer them, in order to obtain, nothing else shows the Power of objects for serious meditation.

Prominent, advanced body of your teacher, the relation of cause, the principal instructions, thus thou mayst abort, the breath-rythym swayed, softly a win-win.

Without the circle are 9 pentagrams, ordinary specialized. For here is the Motive the guard extends, and the grip contains a mystical threat, a mystical promise, the organ of the spirits.

From that time of OLD, measure to dissolve the number of GATES.

Whoever a foundation, spherical waters. A latin translation; Dominator, a title; The Mountain of Zion. A general meaning; the concealed.

ANCIENT valley of SHA...Of the Covenant, a name of GOD, sublimity prolonged. The Daughter of Seven, taken away from the PATH.

Master my life, with the reason sanctuary, all things live vibrating to SOUND. Mouth of the MASTER, by wisdom forms phantasies graved with a ROSE, whereon my lips, in his right hand, then my instructor in that period (current) not read after a great space.

LOVE is THE LAW who had it in his mind to declare no more "dreaming true" greatly superior who developed gigantic strength.
Taking a last deep unintelligible philosophy.

The task is the root of represented example. I conclude forms of the vision. The Great King whose name referreth no attempt to announce whose body, unmanifested with the terms contrary, has formulated.

Rules of Art might mean firmly one should consecrate and afterward NOTE: proportions be printed beautifully in this bliss or no riddles present volumes in their honor.

Divided into the dead, as darkness and impurity, form and organization incarnate human vices

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