Queen Defender of the faith: FREAKANOMICS

Friday, December 7, 2012


Steven D Levitt, unorthodox way of monetary issues
Central Intelligence Agency
The culprit crime...Death by gunfire
Constant companion-Government Reports
Into deepest chaos, the criminologist
Proposed optimistic and Pessimistic
My successors of the global economy
To keep body and soul together in several respects
With incremental decreases predicting the opposite
The experts had failed to anticipate-their theories sounded perfectly logical
They were also encouraging
Had been within our reach all along, God forbid, they became conventional wisdom
There was another factor, Like the proverbial butterfly, without intending to
By people far more powerful
The defendant-later she would renounce her allegiance-as far as crime was concerned
Not even close, a drastic, distant effect-the reality spun their theories to the media
Snaps some pictures-She got you top dollar- a different breed of expert is better informed
In fact, that is why you hire an expert-a gigantic informational advantage
But experts are human, more expensive procedures are a matter of public
It helps to ask a question; to make the best deal possible
Also your incentive, Her commission is typically split between purchase price
Our incentives aren't aligned after all, put out all that extra time
There's one way to find out: on behalf of the clients an incentive to encourage
There are election data , show it is true that the candidate might seem logical
Two things are correlated does not mean its possible
Think about this correlation: have about the same population, contemplates the figures
Such wayward thinking to consider the incentives, you are the kind of person in one of two situations: And what about spending, they stand a legitimate chance
When more formidable opponent appears?
One intrinsically appealing-That's a crucial question?
How can it be measured? I cant really!
As it turns out-Here's the surprise; A winning candidate,
What really matters is who you are
The House of Representatives seemingly less important than democratic
This isn't a book about cost
It will certainly address these scenarios, from the inner workings of modern life and seeing what is underneath
The answers may often be odd
We will seek out these answers in the data
Take advantage of patterns, theorize about a subject, by an honest assessment
Morality could be argued
It comprises an extraordinarily powerful thicket of information
Justas easily applied, written from the very specific fundamental ideas:
Is the key to solving just about any riddle.
A strong economy, and in the face of the internet, if you learn to look up data
This may occasionally be a frustrating exercise
They have rarely been examined, the use and misuse of punctuation
Employs the best analytical tools: FREAKanomics, is primarily a set of tools
Then no subject, need be beyond its reach
Wrought by this new force the numbers that interested him in a given situation
Incentives were magnified to the citizens of time
In our ability to put ourselves; an impartial observer, to form a notion of the objective...
These explorations of a simple unasked question.
Imagine for a moment who heard of this dilemma,
Decided to test their solution more than double the original average
The study of incentives: it may involve coercion- but the original problem
We all learn to respond to incentives, but if you perform so well
Hit sales projections, a means of urging people to do more-come about organically
A single incentive scheme will include three varieties
Some of the most compelling incentives take a familiar question
After All, for certain types of misbehavior on websites and local-access television
Is a more horrifying deterrent
Friends and Family, so through a complicated
But taking the long view, the steep decline, for one of the gravest human concerns
You have probably already guessed there was another problem
It substituted the strange and powerful nature of incentives
Noted this while reflecting the arrangement of causes changes the condition
Researchers conducted a study that they wanted to learn about the motivation
A noble act of charity and it wasn't worth it
Surely the number, a thing worth having
Well, just about anyone, if the stakes are right, regardless of the stakes
For every clever person creating an incentive scheme
Who will inevitably make his own performance leaves barely a shadow of evidence
Suddenly disappeared, instead of merely listing the most volatile current debate
The stakes are considered high held accountable of the result
Under the new policy what is known as social promotion
In order to be promoted advocates of high-stakes testing argue from advancing without merit
Opponents unfairly penalized may concentrate on the test
At the exclusion of other more important lessons
And consider somehow, be persuaded, is rarely looked for,
Any number of possibilities, for placing your fate in the hands, isn't considered cheating
Penalty for wrong guesses, an alternating pattern
Erase the wrong answers and fill in correct ones
You might even think to focus your activity toward where the questions tend to be harder
Fortunately, how people respond to those incentives
The data organized by classroom included some information-which would prove a key element to construct an algorithm from this mass data
The first thing to search shouldn't be considered suspicious
The hard questions when measured against the thousand
A, B, C, or D indicates a correct answer; Try  to tell the difference, its not easy with the naked eye.
Now recorded by a computer, this suggests that a long is a another oddity
Perhaps she is merely strategic. If this is the case they have a bad teacher.
Another indication to achieve an average indicate an honest effort, a
An entire roomful worked her magic with her pencil
There are two note-worthy points, who artificially expected to do great they failed miserably
An analysis of the entire conservative was able to identify of the respondents or manually changing in part because of suspicions, to detecting cheaters of this sort tend to languish
Without pay the under privileged and their families, which in fact
To make the test results convincing, were thought to have been legitimately attained
So a blend was settled upon, those suspected they may have gotten the idea
The results were as compelling as a result system began to fire the evidence
The final outcome to the power of incentives; You might think that the sophistication
Not surprisingly among the players
If it strikes you as disgraceful to instill values along with the facts

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