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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"αιων κοσμος εκ χρονος εκ γιγνομαι τικτω Λογος"
(אלהיך יהוה)

The fairytale & the Viscious Circle of Demonic Eyes of our Planet an undocumented story of a legions plan-net The Web of Lyes with our Soul...

Living happily ever after two realms joined into one. There were fair maidens and noble nights and together they gave birth to the universe. Loyal servants of the nothingness. Young souls of heart they flew about the matrix playing and creating. The nothingness has always been and will always be, it is our reason for existence. Some where off in the nether nether lands, our antcestors entered portals and became to co exist. The people of inside the nether nether lands were only able to survive one of each species. In hopes to recreate their humanity they created nebulas, another astral projection in hopes they could defeat the xenu the cyborg they created with technology that adventually diminished their people. In hopes Xenu wouldn't discover their secret they protected the portal with a shield, a reflective window. A Mirror wall. So as loyal servants travelled the different planets becoming our creators from the stars they realized that the mirror was draining their life source making them mortal. They knew Xenu wouldnt be to far behind them but weaker they grew discovering earth they gave it all a mortal man would need and deep within the center of earth they hid the fountain of youth, and they called it utopia, where there immortality lay deep in the waters and there everlasting fertility grew inside of the elegion fields. And somewhere over the rainbow they created gold and on the other side behind the beautiful waterfall held beautiful diamonds. Fertility dragons of the night they disguised them selves with the image of light taking the spirit and blood creating a vessel of holy water. Knowing Xenu would soon come looking the created the tree of life and on it grew beautiful apples that would sustain Xenu from processing their thoughts and discovering there secrets. Cleverly they created a force field around the planet earth so no matter how hard they tried they wouldn't be able to physically get through the gateway. So the two lovers fell asleep restless from all the creations underneath the tree of life Xenu approached sending off massive currents trying to break mother earths atmosphere they awoke. Watching the lovers pick the apple from the tree Xenu observed. As made man ate the apple of knowledge his memories of where immortality was hidden forgotten. In order for them not to diminish completely, woman held the power of knowing. Two parts inside of there vessel so Xenu would be unable to take over their existence un able to scan the keys of there mind all at once. There souls would possess the knowledge of power and there mind was a map for the fountain. The knowledge of life layed secretly deep within mother earth and sin was created to guard the secrets within. The stories of how they came to be rest with their other plane of existence. As moments were born time progressed they awoke out of there slumber and grew thirsty and hungry. As Xenu watched un able to break the force field, they observed man drawn to their halographic vision of a beautiful goddess the lady in red. Woman penetrated the hypnotic vision and handed man the apple they lost their knowledge of youth and man beared a mark, the mark of the beast the adam's apple. So they went on living there lives under a magnascopic view of the Xenu. Xenu knew they would have to move on so they they created technology and unleashed it upon the earth in hopes that human's would be tempted to repeat history and spread pestillin that evolve attacking there genome so they could return at a later date to assimilate them.
Adventually humanoids four fathers were able to claim war against the Xenu defeating and shuning them out side of the two galaxies for good. Free to travel space they were able to observe us from them the home land through a dwarf planet that a was attached to our solar system, the portal led into our atlantic seas. Coming in a samilar form from our own but some what different we claimed war with them dividing our species. Leaving very few of our ancestors realizing they had to abandone there kind on our contaminated planet to fened for our selves.
Trapped inside our fible bodies possesing the power deep in our soul to become a part what we know as heaven the Divine Matrix...
A heavenly Instance of creation and beauty and all that is great and powerful, and connected!

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