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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Multisensory Humans

MultiSensory Humans



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What One is Certain of...

Well I' am certain that I will leave this body one day and go to my plane of a higher existence for I have already felt it and been there and it is wonderful. What I' am not sure of is if these people around me will make it there. Or if that even matters. Sometimes I feel like I' am constantly dreaming like Princess Araura in Sleeping Beauty. Awaiting for my Royal Prince to come sweep me off my feet. When I' am sleeping I feel more alive. Maybe because there are no pressures while I sleep and I' am not confined inside spaces, with walls or windows, and doors.

Sometimes the largest battle wounds come from self worth, and can not be cured by self-worth. We look to others for self recognition,affection, attention, and influeance, these are all vanities of humanity. Let's look beyond the exterior of our vessel where our souls reside. Heaven some call it, I call it Utopia but when inside our bodies it is called Euphoria. It's like forgetting you know and astro gliding inside time and inside space. One with ourselves, and one with God.

What is so bad about taking a moment to stop focusing on our history books and really listening to the message. Inside of the bible it says Jesus died for our sins. Well what if that is it. We built the babylonian wall so there for we are unable to pass through. If everyone could just put past there religious beliefs because we should all believe in our own way and come to peace with ourselves. Be honest entirely or even just take a moment to realize how lucky we are that the world is not such a bad place, our fellow neighbors could be at ease.

The essence of life is our souls, who we present our selves to be is our disguise. What on denies about themselves conjures negative thoughts and fantasies. Temptation is how our conscious survives, and not a toy form the devil. It gives the ability to recognize right form wrong.

To praise the Lord is to not believe in your self. Stop Idolizing, and love yourself, so others can love you. Knowledge comes from our experiences and widom comes from lessons our soul. Peace is the Power to heal and Open your eyes!

Was it not Jesus who said, "I' am just a mortal man the lord created me as a mirror image of himself, to teach of his ways".

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