Queen Defender of the faith: immortal existence

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

immortal existence

From the silence which covers my
immortal existence,
beyond the conscience of soul,
there rises the power which let me cross
the magic path.

There, the wind tells to be my allied
and the universe brings to my spirit
its ancestral blood,
impregnated in eternal knowledge.

"Oh power which keeps the universal energy,
cover my spirit with your eternal flame! "

Oh olden warrior, you who keep
the ancient wisdom,
bring me the conscience
of this immortal existence!

Oh Mother Earth!
Make scream your mountains
with your olden drumming,
that it sound goes high
for the sky
follows with its thunder!

Follow this hymn which rises
from deep inside of myself!

Let this war poem
remind the wisdom
of my immortal existence!..

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